Athlete - Rob Nelson

 Hometown: Hendersonville, TN
Occupation: Manager 


Weight -   Contest 235   and OffSeason 275

 Bio:   I started compeditive training in August of 2005 and have never looked back. I am married to Tiffany Nelson, she has has also been my training partner for the past 6 years. We have 4 children with ages ranging from 6 -16.

 Competitive History:
2007 Knox Classic novice 3rd
2007 TN state show jr hvy 3rd
2008 Knox Classic hvy wt 1st
2009 Knox Classic hvy wt 1st
2010 Knox Classic hvy wt 1st
2011 Jr USA super hvy wt 7th
2012 Battle at the river hvy wt 1st
2013 Battle at the river super hvy 1st and over all
2013 Jr Nationals super hvy 6th


Competitive Plans for 2014:
  I will return to Jr Nationals then onto Master Nationals.

 Diet/Training Tips: 
I like to train each body part once per week and add in an extra day for lagging areas. I train as heavy as possible and emphasize on the squeeze and rang of motion. I like to perform each exercise properly from the time my hand/feet hit the weight. I start my prep out with a 16 week diet sometimes a few more week to bring me down slow and retain as much as possible. I have always been a smaller competitor in my class so I strive to bring the tightest and most conditioned package possible. I have been very fortunate to have had many great mentors in the middle tn area to give criticism, good and bad through out the years. This has helped me continually improve from year to year.