Conquering Giants Nutrition


Diet and training plans are available and customized to your needs.  Plans are created to meet your personal goals - weight loss, competition, muscle building, off seasons, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle. Each plan will include meal plans and training instructions.  The plans are packaged in 10 to 16 week programs again depending on your goals.  Personal critiques are analyzed every two weeks or as needed to adjust each part of the program.  These programs/critiques can be strictly online or in person. Prices for programs below.

 Beginning this journey at 28, I have learned from many people.  And now at the age of 40, I am still motivated to continue to beat the best of me each time.

 U vs. U

 Basic Packages:

12 week Diet/Training Plans: $500

Personal Training:  $40 per hour

Contact Ryan Walters for more information or individual/Special Rates -