Overcome Athlete - Joe Ralph

 Joe Ralph - Husband, father, and local business owner (Ralph's Hendersonville Transmission)

Joe proudly sporting the "Don't Hate" hoodie!   


 August 19th, 2012 - He was enjoying his time and riding his Harley.  Suddenly, he faced an uncertain future.  A  lady pulled out from behind another car and turned left in front of him.  He flew from the front passenger side of her care over the windshield and out the back of the car landing in the road.  He had two crushed wrists, a dislocated elbow and a fractured left ankle and dislocated hips.  The next year he spent recovering from doing what he and his family previously thought were easy tasks (touching each finger to his thumb) to lifting a fork,  to feeding himself and just walking more than 25 feet at a time without having to stop because his hips would lock up.  6 Months ago, 1 year after his accident, Joe walked into Conquering Giants for Ryan's help.  Attached are pictures of his injuries followed by what he looked like before he started his diet to 6 months into his health journey! 

Joe is truly a walking inspiration.  A success story of "Never Giving Up."  It is still not easy.  Pushing through workouts even in pain due to the accident, he makes no excuse.  No reason to whine and complain.  The journey is his to fulfill.  And this man has proven the true spirit of determination and dedication.  He is an overcomer - Refusing to be a victim.  He can boldly face the doctors and experts who said you can't, you won't, you will never.... and ask "You said WHAT?"

Joe with his family - Thanksgiving of 2012.  Three months after his accident.   

Post accident - Broken - Facing an uncertain road ahead.  But the start of a new mind set and a new level of determination - Joe fought to be where he is today. 

He is determined to get ALL parts of his life back.  No fear.  No excuses.  No whining.  Joe shopping for the new Harley with broken wrists and ankle.   

May have lost part of this man (in pants sizes).  But not the part that shows what hard work, dedication, and a true love for life can accomplish.  He has truly CONQUERED the GIANT!! 

Joe with his wife Kim - Christmas 2013 - 6 months into his new Journey of living each day DRIVEN! 

Defying the odds of Vanderbilt, Joe has moved beyond the outlook of two crushed wrist and a dislocated elbow.  Look at this transformation and shot of OVERCOMING!!