Athlete - Matt Puglia


Hometown:  North Reading, MA

Occupation:  Physical Therapist

Height:  6 ft.

Off Season Weight:  250 lbs

Contest Weight:  235 lbs

Competitive History:

2011 Jay Cutler Classic Heavyweight 1st Place

2012  Masters Nationals Heavyweight 4th Place

2013  Masters Nationals Super Heavy 5th Place

2013 North Americans Overall  Superheavy over 40 

Plans for 2014:  Master Nationals in July

Bio:   I am married to Cara for 10 years.  We have 2 small children ages 7 and 4.   I have been competing for 20 years and have progressed up the ladder.  I am trying to bring back a look...small waist tight conditioning and symmetry. 

Diet/Training Tips:   I train everything once a week heavy and with volume.  I have been training partners with Jose Raymond, IFBB pro for the past 15 years.  We will often just do crazy workouts trying to out do the other.   As for diet its nothing fancy.  16 weeks of moderate carb low fat high protein fare.  My emphasis is always conditioning, so i like to be ready a full 2 weeks early and then modify as necessary.

Favorite Products:  BSN Syntha-6 in the offseason.  Metr-x Whey Isolate precontest, BSN Amino rx, SciTech Extend for aminos