Competition Suits by Casey Kennedy

Photo Credit to Maxwell Imagery

Photo Credit to Maxwell Imagery

Terms and Conditions 

All custom made suit sales are final.  No refunds or reimbursements.  No Personal Checks accepted for Custom Suits.  

At the time of initial order, a  50% payment (non refundable) will need to be paid before starting on the suit.  At this time customer will have a custom fitting for the suit and color selection will be made.  Payment must be made by  Visa, Mastercard, or cash. The remaining balance is billed and due before any embellishments or stoning. 

After the base of the suit has been custom made for the customer, a second fitting will be scheduled.  At this time the cut, color, and all embellishment plans will be approved.  Any alterations to the cut or fit will need to be addressed.  If other parties (trainers, etc.) need to be involved in the approval process of the custom made suit, the responsibility lays upon the purchaser and should be done at or by this fitting.  Upon the approval of the unstoned/non-embellished suit, the payment will need to be made.  NO SUIT WILL BE EMBELLISHED OR STONED UNTIL PAID IN FULL.  Payments must be made by Visa, Mastercard or cash.  At this point the ownership of the suit is with the customer, no refunds, reimbursements or exchanges can be made.

At the final fitting, the customer (and any other involved party) must express any adjustments that need to made to the connectors or embellishments to assure the Perfect Fit and Look on stage.  The only adjustments that can be made at this point will be to the embellishments.  , Any dissatisfaction must be expressed at this time.  Remember our mission is for YOU to look your BEST!   

Any suit that is not picked up after 60 days, the completed suit will be placed on the rack to be sold.  No refunds will be given.