Athlete - Bronson Bradley


Hometown: Waynesboro, Tennessee
Currently: Portland, Tennessee
Occupation: Football Coach/ Strength and Conditioning Coach / Teacher @ Portland High School
Height: 5'7
Weight:  178 competition weight in the 181 pound division. 186-190 off season weight

 Competitive History: Powerlifting since 1999.  In 2004,  I joined Natural Athletic Strength Association (NASA) I won my first Nationals as a 198 LB competitor in 2006 and won 3 more at that weight. Dropped to 181 in 2011 and have won 2 straight Nationals.Ii have won 7 straight State Championships. I have 4 state records as a 198; 12 state records as 181; 8 national records at 181. All are Raw drug tested records. Currently ranked 22 in the top 100 nation wide. my lifts include: Curl, Deadlift, Bench, Clean, Squat


Favorite Products:  I like all the products from Muscle Pharm. Their creatine is the best I have used so far. I also like thier Combat Protein. Green Magnitude is also one of my favorite creatine blends. I really like intra-workout products such as modern BCAA but I have not found a favorite (still looking and testing) I also take a fish oil and one a day multi-vitamin.  

 Competitive Plans for 2014: I will compete for the biggest National Competition in Feb. I am competing in a year long competition for the title of "man of steel" of NASA. Only 10 others are in this running, ranging across weight classes. I have 3 other major meets planned in 2014 and hopefully make the Worlds competition. I am also a CrossFit athlete with plans on making a run for regionals this March.

 Bio:  I am 34 years old, married to Shonte' Bradley.  We have a 9 year old daughter Kielee. Teacher/ Coach/ Minister.  

Goals: to be the best competitor and at the same time reflect Christ through my talents.  

Opinion of your sport: the sport of powerlifting has taken a hit with the use of Steriods and the pursuit of unreal weights being lifted with equipment and corrupt judging. NASA is a Federation trying to fight that trend with strict judging and drug tested events.It is a family friendly organization in the mainstream of powerlifting. I believe with the rise of Crossfit and strongman making a comeback that our sport will also become popular once more.