Athlete - Barbara Erhrardt

Hometown: East Islip, New York, but raised in Fort Myers, Florida
Occupation: Pediatric emergency department Registered Nurse
Height: 5'3"

Weight -  Contest weight: 110-115  OffSeason: 130-140 

 Competitive History: MCM October 2013 and KYM November 2013 as a new figure competitor working along side my coach Tony Haines

Competitive Plans for 2014: To qualify nationally as a new physique competitor and work towards my procard

 Diet/Training Tips:  

Keep everything in moderation. I love doing fasting cardio it truly works. Some athletes I've come across has said it is not necessary. I have had the best results of my life by adding fasting cardio. I think every week or every other week you should switch up the type of cardio you are doing so you do not plateau and it keeps your body from getting use to the same routine. 

 Favorite Products:  

 N'sane preworkout, stemerex fat burner, glumatic powder for my glucosamine supplement, my favorite protein supplement is protizyme peanut butter cookie